Der aus dem Schrank springt

Song Song presents: Luncheon, “Der aus dem Schrank springt”, new work by Bernhard Hausegger (b. 1957, Graz, lives and works in Vienna).

This is the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery. The installation, created to be viewed from an outside perspective through a window glass, reveals a sculptural habitat created by the artist. Hausegger’s artistic practice is guided by a certain economy, renouncing smooth finishing. His material grade is never embellished, the steps of production remain visible and traces of previous owners are still clinging to the oftentimes recycled materials. Aside from references immanent to art, the logic of his sculptural practice aims to establish an architectural scenic quality, simultaneously providing its indwellers housing, pedestal and stage.

Duration: March 14th - April 14, 2018

Tue-Fri 10-19 | SAT 10-18

Saba Song GmbH.
Praterstraße 11-13, Vienna, Austria
Vienna 1020, Austria

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